Mazinger DX Soul of Chogokin Great Mazinger BY BANDAI JAPAN 

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Mazinger DX Soul of Chogokin Great Mazinger

Product Description
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As our fans know, the DX Soul of Chogokin brand embodies the spirit of TAMASHII NATIONS’ vintage die-cast robots while infusing great design with detailed mechanical inner workings and light-sound technology. Now, three years after the introduction of Mazinger Z, comes Great Mazinger to carry on the DX Soul of Chogokin name!! Standing at an impressive 325mm (12.8”), this large-scale Great Mazinger towers nearly two times the size of previous Soul of Chogokin and Super Robot Chogokin figures. Great Mazinger comes with a hangar facility for total storage.
Set includes:
Brain Condor, complete set of removable armor plates, 2 interchangeable hands (mechanical mode), 2 interchangeable articulated hands, 2 interchangeable “thunder break” hands, 2 interchangeable hands for holding weapons, 2 interchangeable handshake parts, regular and reflective chest pieces, 2 back kick spin blades, needle knee parts, 2 Mazinger blades, 2 small Mazinger blades, Scramble Dash, Scramble Dash stand, joint for Scramble Dash, 2 name plates, Great Mazinger display stage, display joint parts, and remote control.
Required Battery: Main Model: AAA Battery x2 / Infrared Remote Controller: AAA Battery x2 / Storage Base: AAA Battery x3
*Batteries sold separately
Product FeaturesApproximately 12.8 inches (32.5cm) tallMade of ABS and diecastFrom the anime series Great MazingerLarge-scale articulated figureInterchangeable hands for creating a variety of poses
Box Contents
Main Great Mazinger figureBrain condorHead armorNeck armorShoulder armor (left, right)Chest armor2 Upper arm armorStomach armorForearm armor (left, right)Waist armorThigh armor (left, right)2 Shank armorNail tip armor (left, right)Head armor (cut model)Head armor (mechanical model)Neck armor (cut model)Neck armor (mechanical model)Chest model (cut model left, right)Stomach model (cut model left, right)Waist armor (cut model left, right)Hand (cut model left, right)Hand armor (left, right)Articulated hand (left, right)Hand (thunder break left, right)Hand (left, right / for holding weapon)2 Shaking hands hand (right)Chest heat boardReflective chest heat boardChest armor cover (left, right)Drill pressure punch armor (left, right)2 Knee armor2 Knee armor with needle2 Knee armor for back spin kick2 Blade for back spin kick2 Mazinger blade2 Mazinger blade (small)Main Scramble Dash figureScramble Dash baseJoint parts for Scramble Dash baseStorage shed2 Name plateDisplay baseJoint parts for displayInfrared remote controller
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