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Tired of cat hair everywhere in your house? Scratches on your couch, sofa, and bed posts? Then you need this high quality arched cat self groomer & massager.

Your cats will now ignore their improvised brush and scratch poles and turn their furs and claws on this adorable but durable self groomer. Its round base is covered in fleece perfect for scratching or a quick cat nap.


  • Size: Base: 36cm x 28.5cm x 1cm
  • Arch Height: 35cm.
  • For kittens and cats
  • Multipurpose
  • Helps stop shedding & scratching to keep your home hair free
  • Durable bristles
  • Designed to remove loose, shedding hair while stimulating your cat with a massage
  • Encourages and promotes positive scratching behaviors
  • Arched grooming brush helps lift and comb your cat's fur
  • Removes shedding hair while cat are playing

Package includes

1 Purrfect Arch