Beauty Weight Loss Products Chilli Slimming Creams

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Brand New Beauty Weight Loss Products Chilli Slimming Creams Thin Waist Stovepipe Full Body Fat Burning Gel Anti Cellulite Cream

Description: Specification: 85 ml Function: body slimming

Use method :
Gently massage slimming cream into areas to be treated using circular motions, 15-20 minutes.
You can feel not after 15 minutes massage
Better effect if wrapping paper (Cling Film) binding 1 hour.


How many pieces will have effect?
1.waist abdomen, usually 4-5 times
2.thigh, usually 3 times
3.arm, usually 2 times
4.hip, usually 5 times


The skin have the heat and itch feeling to be normally, never to be use in the face !!!
The pregnant women do not use!!!
Suitable age: 16-65

Package List: 1 x Hot Chili Slimming gel 85ml

Shipping  2-4 weeks for delivery

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